Bat Tag 6522 White-Premium

  • SKU: TPRPOL065022WHT
  • Per Piece: ₹ 4.04
  • Tags Per Roll: 2600 Pieces
  • Unit: 1
  • Color: White
  • Tail Length: 37mm
  • Size: 65mm x 22mm
  • Type: Polyester
  • Category: Tags
  • Class: Premium (Imported)
SKU: TPRPOL065022WHT Categories: ,


“The blackBAR bat shape tags have a partial adhesive-free tail. Benefit is that objects do not get in touch with adhesive hence remain non-sticky. The adjustable loop provides the flexibility to easily fit chains, bracelets, rings, eyewear and much more. Tags are durable even after ultrasonic cleaning and look new for longer time. For better printing results, use blackBAR’s ribbons. Regardless of your printer brand or model, we have tags that are compatible.

Please check “”Additional Information”” tab for more details related to Color, Type, Width, Height, Tail Length etc.

We believe in “”Do It Right At First Time”” and to ship the products which matches your specifications. While placing orders, always confirm “”Core Size”” and “”Unwind Direction””. You can also click on help icon next to these fields to get more details. Please select “”Printer”” too so that we can confirm if your selected product matches with your printer’s specifications.

Our Economy products are “”Made in India”” and Premium products are “”Imported””.”

Additional information


Left Inside, Left Outside, Right Inside, Right Outside


1.0 Inch








22 mm


65 mm

Tail Length

37 mm

Body Length

28 mm

Body Left/Right

11 mm


Tail Partial Adhesive

Core Size

1.0 inch


All Industries

Printer Supported

All Thermal Printers

Printer Brand

Argox (R-200K), Argox (R-400K), Argox (A-100), Argox (A-150), Argox (OS-214 plus), Argox (OS-314 plus), Argox (OS-2140), TSC (TTP-243), TSC (TTP-243 Plus), TSC (TTP-243 Pro), TSC (TTP-243E), TSC (TTP-243E Plus), TSC (TTP-243E Pro), TSC (TTP-244), TSC (TTP-244 Plus), TSC (TTP-244 Pro), TSC (TTP-342 Pro), TSC (TTP-342E Pro), TSC (TTP-244CE), TSC (TTP-244CE Advanced), TSC (TTP-245C), TSC (TTP-344C), TSC (TTP-343C), TSC (TTP-343CE), Others


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