Rect Label 6414 White-Economy

  • SKU: LECPOL064014WHT
  • Labels Per Roll: 2000 Pieces
  • Unit: 1
  • Color: White
  • Size: 64mm x 14mm
  • Type: Polyster
  • Category: Labels
  • Class: Economy (Made in India)
SKU: LECPOL064014WHT Categories: ,


“blackBAR paper labels are durable with permanent adhesive. What it means is, lables have strong adhesion to a surface. Usually these labels cannot be removed without damage to the label or to the surface itself. It’s necessary to protect labels from different environmental conditions. Natural and synthetic resins are used to protect or embellish your printed piece. A varnish coating applied to its surface to give it a protective gloss.

For better printing results, use blackBAR’s ribbons. Regardless of your printer brand or model, we have tags that are compatible.

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Our Economy products are “”Made in India”” and Premium products are “”Imported””.”

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Left Inside, Left Outside, Right Inside, Right Outside


1.0 Inch








14 mm


64 mm


All Industries

Printer Supported

All Thermal Printers

Printer Brand

Argox (R-200K), Argox (R-400K), Argox (A-100), Argox (A-150), Argox (OS-214 plus), Argox (OS-314 plus), Argox (OS-2140), TSC (TTP-243), TSC (TTP-243 Plus), TSC (TTP-243 Pro), TSC (TTP-243E), TSC (TTP-243E Plus), TSC (TTP-243E Pro), TSC (TTP-244), TSC (TTP-244 Plus), TSC (TTP-244 Pro), TSC (TTP-342 Pro), TSC (TTP-342E Pro), TSC (TTP-244CE), TSC (TTP-244CE Advanced), TSC (TTP-245C), TSC (TTP-344C), TSC (TTP-343C), TSC (TTP-343CE), Others