To provide you worry-free shopping experience on, we offer you a No Questions Asked Return Policy. Within 7 days of receiving your goods, you may return any unopened item in its original packaging, for a refund. You only have to bear the sending cost. Just pack them nicely and arrange to deliver at our place, In case you want refund, give us your bank details. On receipt of the consignment, we will refund the charged amount within 48 working hours. When you return your product, just indicate the reason for your return in a short note. Put the item and note with the order number into a secure package, affix our address note (our return address is given below) and send it through a reliable courier or mail to us.

In case the item is opened up and used, the No Questions Asked Return Policy will not be applicable. In case of any kind of quality problem or defect, the item will need to be couriered back us to ascertain the problem – The blackBAR team will either replace the item or justify non-replacement. However, the judgement of the blackBAR team will be final and binding. In case you are not satisfied with the justification provided for non-replacement, you may escalate to the management. Please refer to the Escalations section of this website.

In case you need to exchange an item, shipping of the exchanged item will be borne by, and will be shipped to you free of charge.

Our address for returns/ exchanges is as follows:


SoftServ Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
Regus, Level 6, Jaipur Centre Mall,
B2 Bypass, Tonk Road,
Jaipur – 302018 (Rajasthan), India
Email: [email protected]