Our Service

We dubbed ourselves the Label Experts for a good reason.

Not only do we have extensive expertise in solving tough label applications, but we know what it takes to make labels the right way. We make your product selection easier by narrowing down your choices from hundreds of materials and special adhesives. We don’t just rely on raw material and ribbon manufacturer recommendations because we test all the label materials we sell to know how they will print and how they are best designed to work.

When it comes to discussing complete printing systems, we are talking about many products we already use in our own production facilities. We know what it takes to load a printing ribbon or adjust settings. We know what barcodes to use and how far away you can be to scan them. We understand all the variables in printing from data files and have ways to even print random, photo-quality images.

We deliberately chose to use (and sell) the best hardware and software in the barcode label industry because they bring the best warranties and service with them. Realizing that even these companies have enough products to make your head swim, we have narrowed down your choices to some of the most popular, most all-purpose units that will again help make your buying decisions faster and far less complicated.

Barcode labels are used on the packaging of products for imparting vital information regarding its brand owner, manufacturing details and tracking information such as barcodes and serial numbers. Various security elements can be incorporated in bar code labels like holograms and visible and invisible security links. The labels can also be customized through pre-printing. Blackbar comes into picture here.

Labels are one of the most widely used tools for establishing brand identification and customer interaction. Today they have become hi-tech brand ambassadors and brand protectors besides providing comprehensive information. BlackBar caters to the entire segment of barcode labels.

BlackBar is product of SoftServ (a fast moving software company).


Why Us?

With increasing consumerism in the world, and competition getting fiercer every day, every seller has to constantly upgrade their products and services to appeal to the right set of consumers. Efficiency of the billing system plays a vital part in making the consumers happy.

When you choose to do business with BlackBAR, you are partnering a company that is responsible and cares.

Strong Foundation

Information technology and support is the backbone of an ecommerce website, and that’s who we exactly are – the backbone! BlackBAR is owned by SoftServ Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a software firm fast creating a global presence. Our team comprises a mix of software engineers, marketers, labelling product specialists and jewellery experts. We understand your needs completely.

Superior Quality

We use high quality adhesive on our labels. Our products are available in tear proof and washable varieties. We ensure superiority of our products irrespective of whether you buy our economy range or premium range. The readability of bar codes on our labels is high, ensuring a smooth scanning and billing experience for your customers. If you are happy, we are happy.

Product Variations

We sell solutions tailored to your tagging needs. We make products in both polyester and paper, using partial or full adhesive, in the reusable and non-reusable variety. More variety ensures ease of identification of your products, leading to lower turnaround times for your team. Contact us in case you need a labeling solution in any size or color not available on your website.

Remarkable Experience

We master at retaining existing customers and finding new ones; thanks to our high ethical standards, superior quality products, reliable customer support and commitment to what we do. Our team is polite and responsive, and we won’t give you an opportunity to complain. We try to deliver on all expectations from our customers, since our customers will always remain our first priority.

Sound Policies

Remember the times when you had to spend time and energy returning an item you had bought online? Well, you won’t face that with us! We understand that there are situations in each business when it is painful for money transactions to get stuck for no reason. We have created sound policies for return, refund and payment and will always strive to provide you an experience full of smiles.

Free Delivery

At BlackBAR, we provide you the freedom to choose your quantities. If you are a start-up, you might need limited quantities to begin with. We make deliveries of even a single item. If you are a selling giant, you might need bulk quantities in one go. We will make them available to you. We leave the choice of quantity to you – choose one, choose hundred. The shipping bill is totally on us!